What is Zoocan?

It is the Canary Register of Animal Identification, a computer tool which helps vets from the Canary Island to make a correct animal identification through the Internet. All the information related to identification creates a single database.

Where do you insert the microchip’s data?

The fifteen numbers that can be found in every microchip are added in Zoocan, which is also connected to other national and international databases (such as REIAC or European Pet Net). Should the animal get lost and then found, its owner can be contacted with the help of a microchip scanner, through the database and an automatic message sent to all the clinics informing about the stray animal.

How can I check that my animal is correctly identified?

Once you access to the Zoocan database, you can check the correct insertion of the information related to the animal and its owner by using the owner’s identification number.

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